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HELEN KELLER has unique insights on glasses. It upholds the selection of superior materials, professional design and adheres to the concept of extreme craftsmanship. It advocates truth, sunshine and wisdom and always gives you new surprises.

Select HELEN KELLER to choose to appreciate the true self in the sun, full of confident temperament in the time. HELEN KELLER researched the face and aesthetics of the Orientals and found a design method that can interpret the true self in the life of thousands of people. From the inside to the outside, it shows the quality of life, a family of fashion and elegant images, and makes every moment of life possible. Shine.

Intellectuality, elegance, sunshine, and trueness are perfectly integrated into the design of HELEN KELLER glasses, from the design of the frame design to the development of the link-joint technology, and every hand-mounted accessory and screw on the glasses are designers to achieve high The requirements of quality, the pursuit of every detail in the glasses, the perfect presentation of sunshine and true gestures, and the ability of Ms. Helen Keller to accept the challenges of life with kindness and courageousness can win the bright spirit of life.

HELEN KELLER对眼镜有着独特的见解,秉持着以上乘的选材、专业的设计和坚守极致工艺的理念,倡导真实、阳光、智慧总是给你新的惊喜。

选择HELEN KELLER即选择了欣赏阳光真实的自己,在时光里充满自信的气质。HELEN KELLER通过对东方人的脸型和美学的研究,找寻出能在千面人生中诠释真实自我的设计方法,从内至外的展现品质生活一族时尚优雅的形象,让生活中每一个瞬间都能大放异彩。

知性、优雅、阳光、真实完美融合进HELEN KELLER眼镜的设计中,从框架造型的设计到链接拼合技术的研发,以及眼镜上每一颗手工安装的配件和螺丝,都是设计师以达到对高质量的要求,用心在眼镜中每一个细节的追求,将阳光、真实的姿态完美呈现,发挥出海伦凯勒女士善良、勇敢地接受生命的挑战就能够赢得生命中光明的精神。

Feel Is Real

Helen Keller has a unique view for glasses, with a superior selection of materials, fashion design and the concept of ultimate craftsmanship, tribute to those people who adhere to the truth and enjoy the time.


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